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Janes + Hooch

Janes + Hooch has everything we look for in an exciting restaurant. Warren Pang and Milan Sekulic opened this restaurant in the heart of Sanlitun's factory district of Beijing. Their goal was to create a nightlife experience in a vintage dive bar that brings back the best from the good ol' days mixed with modern urban culture.

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Libertine Café Café

Worth saying twice.... Libertine Café Café is where to hide from the stampede of tourists, with bites good enough to please your fussy side!


Roco pizzeria, Rococo kebabs, Roca bistro and now Daroco trattoria, the duo Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross can't seem to stop surprising on the Parisian food scene. This time, the former Jean Paul Gaultier flagship store on Rue de Vivienne has been transformed into a lofty restaurant.

Bombay Sapphire
Canadian Blue
Best Hotel Bar