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Ben Mark, 24, and Matt Emmerson, 25, have been teasing the whole of London with their successive string of restaurant pop-ups: Platform 1 in Dulwich and Palm 2 in Clapton. Now they have set up with brick and mortar, Perilla in Newington Green, as a permanent venue. Expect high-end dishes served in a casual atmosphere, this really shows how the two founders combined their respective backgrounds. The interior has a broken-white/yellow glow and features an original terrazzo floor, brick-walls, large windows and wooden furniture.

Now, when we start talking about the food in Perilla, do take in mind that Ben has cooked in quite some impressive places, one of those happens to be Noma. Ben and his team serve unique and innovative dishes like seaweed bread brushed with roasted lamb fat or our favourite; cuttlefish bolognese¬†and chard. While these dishes are impressive on their own, they wouldn’t be such a success without the extensive wine list and botanical, home infused cocktails by Matt.


1-3 Green Lanes, Mildmay Ward,
N16 9BS, London
Telephone: +44 20 7359 0779

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