Special Restaurants

#1 Padella
Not the Italian you're used to - fresh, new, exciting - the new girl in town!
#2 Gaggan
Colonial past goes molecular modern in this India/Asia twist on everything you thought you knew about great food!
#3 Daroco
Roco pizzeria, Rococo kebabs, Roca bistro and now Daroco trattoria, the duo Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross can't seem to stop surprising on the Parisian food scene. This time, the former Jean Paul Gaultier flagship store on Rue de Vivienne has been transformed into a lofty restaurant.
#4 Temple and Sons
Wood-fired and delightfully retro.
#5 Kanarie Club
Meeting, working, relaxing, drinking and dancing all under the same roof? The new Kanarie Club is the new nest in Amsterdam West, where urban professionals come to flock. In their world, there's no distinction between private and work lives anymore, the lines are blurred.
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