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Check in, then dine in

The hotel scene is changing rapidly and hotels are becoming a destination on it´s own. After the hotel bar initiating this trend, hotel restaurants took notice and became the new hotspot. Hotels are investing more and more in the interior design and the scouting of top chefs for their restaurant concept, and even that is not enough anymore, many hotels started to offer more than one restaurant concept to their guests. Hotels that want to compete in the top tier of their city will also need at least one Michelin star in their restaurants.

Luckily hotel restaurants have moved beyond the stiff concepts and are no longer the soulless rooms that function as breakfast in the morning and fine dining in the evening. A hotel restaurant is only trending if locals show up for dinner as well and that means they will have to compete will the abundance of trendy restaurants. But hey it´s a fair fight because the major asset of a hotel restaurant is still the comfortable bed waiting for you to finish dinner.

SpecialBite made a list of 10 happening hotel restaurants in Amsterdam:

The Lobby Fizeaustraat: Great food in a 70s decor where no detail has gone unnoticed
Vermeer: New example of creative flexitarian cuisine in a modern setting
swych: Great descendant of the flexitarian trend in a classical parky interior
Bord´eauThe stiffness you’d expect in a 5 star hotel but perfect food
Taiko: Beautiful interior with great food prepared by the most creative chef of Amsterdam
Morgan & Mees: Unique and beautiful hotel, perfect lunch spot for steak and cocktails
The Duchess: Very impressive interior which comes at a price
Pension Homeland: Quality food in an original 60s interior
The White Room: Exceptional food in a foreign, classical setting
Sazanka: Only teppanyaki restaurant in Europe awarded with a Michelin star

SpecialBite is internationalizing the restaurant/bar guide and that would not be possible without our eyes and ears all over the world. With that in mind we present to you, 5 hotel restaurants from all over the world, curated by SpecialBite.

Jing Yaa Tang, Beijing: Sleek modern interior, serves the best Peking-duck in town
Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx, Paris: Completely white room for a sensory dinner
Eneko, Londen: Basque cuisine with a creative twist in a modern and relaxed environment
Berners Tavern, London: Stunning interior design with a contemporary British cuisine
Le Restaurant, Paris: Revised classic French cuisine in a relaxed and colourful setting

As always, stay posted for newest and hottest restaurants and bars by SpecialBite. Suggestions for our top 10 and top 5? find us at [email protected]



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