La Mouette

The “Seagull”

“La Mouette” translates from French to “the seagull”, a stately locale housed in a historical residential building within the Seapoint area of Cape Town. Each dining room has its own personal fireplace creating a warmth and feeling of home right as you enter, a reminder that you’ve landed. If you’re more a cool breeze kind of adventurer, a terrace will host your al fresco in style.

Depending on the state of your appetite you may opt for a 3, 4 or 6-course menu, the 6-course being their most daring, proud achievement flanked by any of 6 matching wine pairings. This is the real culinary journey for discerning palates looking to be dazzled.

Thoughtful takes on Sunday classics like you would remember following a visit to a villa in the south of France, though brought into this century with keen additions of playful, unexpected guests and presentation elements on the plate keeping up the guessing. Despite dishes drawing heavily from their French roots, they are not limited in loyalty to the European continent in the way one might anticipate from a French derivative name.


78 Regent Rd, Sea Point
8005, Cape Town
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 21 433 0856

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