The Barbary

The next hotspot in Neal’s Yard!

Barbary is sister to restaurant Palomar which is the biggest success story of 2014, so no pressure there. When you open a second site after such a successful restaurant you have to consider what you want to replicate, and where to be innovative. Barbary took notice and built a concept on the successes of its big sister.

This resulted in not having any actual tables: all the food is served on the horseshoe bar hosting 24 seats looking straight into the open kitchen where they somehow managed to fit a clay oven, an open grill and all the staff; the scene is a spectacle on its own. Will there be lines? Yes. Will it be a problem? No. Instead of making the wait something we have to endure they made it part of the evening. On the wall side there is a small bar with enough space to relish an aperitif with a small snack; helping you to forget you are waiting.

So what’s cooking? The Barbary coast is the famed land of pirates and seafarers, in this restaurant you will take a journey along its coast (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya) towards Lebanon and Israel. The chefs stick to tradition with age-old techniques and spices resulting in beautiful dishes like pata negra with ras el hanout and confit garlic.

All the food is served tapas style which unfortunately means you will have to share. So for a night of exciting tapas, Barbary, hidden in Neal’s Yard, is new terriroty to conquer.


16 Neal's Yard
WC2H 9DP, London
Emailadress: [email protected]

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