Earth, beet and fire

Tucked away between Queen Street and Hollywood Road, surrounded by galleries and hidden bars in the hip area of Central, Beet has found its spot. This little gem with a unpretentious interior will give you a warm cozy feeling.

Start off with one of their signature cocktails or let restaurant manager Artur give you some nice wine suggestions. Beet has a carefully selected wine list with natural wines from small growers, their wine list contains some challenging members.

The chef combines classic and progressive cooking techniques with local ingredients into superb delicate dishes in which each ingredient plays a major role. Go for the six course tasting menu in which the chef and his team will show their culinary skills from the mouth-watering amuses, charcoaled fish to meats and a delicious dessert with a hint of sage.

If you love a clean and fresh approach to all the best ingredients this earth has to offer you will adore Beet.


6 Kau U Fong Central
, Hong Kong
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +852 2824 3898

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