Here’s something new: let’s go to BELLY, New York City’s first bacon omakase menu. Yeah folks, that’s right, everything is centered around pork. Brave decision nowadays with the vegan trend that makes everyone ditch meat. But on the other hand, we admire owner Philip Cho and Anna Lee for bringing something new to the table.

When visiting BELLY, just go for the 9-course bacon omakase. You’ll be amazed by all the different cuts, textures and preparations of pork. Everything is very sophisticated, and that is something you would not expect with pork. Our favorite dishes are the very well-balanced Soy Garlic Taco Belly, the Maple Glazed Pork Rib and the Bacon Sushi. Surprisingly the dessert didn’t include any pork. We’re thinking maple syrup ice cream with bacon?

And in for something fun and uplifting after dinner? Wait until the place turns into a karaoke bar. Make sure to drink enough cocktails – choose the Yuzutini – and you’ll sing like never before.


219 Grand St, Brooklyn
NY 11211, New York
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 888-777-0087

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