Bien Élevé

Best meat on the market

Dimitri Aboulker and Arthur Lecomte are the two young restaurateurs behind Bien Élevé. These two fine gentlemen have quite the nose for sourcing the best meats the market has to offer, from Black Angus from the Châteauneuf, free-range poultry from Licques and so much more.

When you walk down Rue Richer there is no way you’ll miss this bistro with its peacock blue façade. The interior features caramel leather chairs, heavy wooden tables and stonewalls.

Chef Thibault Eurin transforms these well-sourced products in subtle and delicious ways; we were particularly impressed with their poached chicken with grilled leeks and blue d’Auvergne cheese, though the dry-aged beef prepared on charcoal was a close contender.



Rue Richer 47
75009, Paris
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 0145814435

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