Cheek By Jowl

Heaven Down Under

Affectionately christened by Australian Executive Chef Rishi Naleendra, Cheek by Jowl refers to the close-quarter working relationship cooking alongside his loving wife, sharing the kitchen and front-of-house as a second home. Located in the frame of what used to be Sorrel, Cheek by Jowl is the exciting new kid on the block, though it had nearly instantly established as a district favourite of the business and foodie communities alike.

Seasonally-inspired, modern takes on Australian classics served in fresh, delighting new ways, Cheek by Jowl will inspire and pleasure any discerning palate. Particular highlights include takes on classical fish and vegetable combinations that riddle and joy in the most glorious ways – first your eyes eat, then your happy belly, cuddled by an extensive, sunny Australia and New Zealand wine selection that borders on the sublime.

Feeling more in a brunch state of mind? Aussies on adventure, tourists and locals alike have mornings to look forward to again.

So whether it’s for work or for play, this spectacular heavenly destination from down under is worth the trek!


069620, Singapore
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +65 6221 1911

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