Peru meets Germany

The story of Chicha began as several pop-up pilots and a long period of scoping out the perfect venue, but in October 2015 they opened the doors to an industrial-turned-trendy Peruvian fusion destination. Ariel and Robert are the brains behind the operation, and in the kitchen, Ariel’s Peruvian roots are honoured with traditionally-inspired, latin-loving dishes. Robert honours his own roots as the brains and brawn behind the front-of-house with the efficiency and order we expect from a German native.

The food prepared by the kitchen magicians prove just how much care they put in sourcing the right ingredients. The Chicha cheviche is in our favourite dish; Corbina fish and yellow chili tiger milk are a match made in heaven. The lava grill is used to prepare the Cuello de cerdo, a grilled, fatty pork neck served with green lentils.

The list of extraordinary dishes goes on and on, but the good news is, you don’t have to just take our word on it!



Friedelstrasse 34
12047, Berlin
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 30 62731010

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