Cookies Cream

Crème de la Cream

Cookies Cream is one of those glamorous vegetarian restaurants you hear people talking about, but unless you’re keen to search it out, you may not find it so easily.

When you find yourself down a service alley and start to wonder if you are heading the wrong way, you are most certainly right. Following the trend of knowing what you eat, Cookies Cream draws a lot of creatives who are critically-minded and discerning about what types of things land in their diet.

This tuned-in, conscious mentality goes beyond niche and has brought the restaurant great praise in and out of such choosy circles, earning the restaurant unbridled praise. Expect sophisticated and sensual dishes, curious, and not particularly ideas you’d come up with at home. Our favourite dish is the parmesan dumplings with an artichoke cream. This match made in heaven is accompanied by dried tomatoes and tandoori, taking you on a trip from Europe to Asia with a few delightful stops along the way.

Prices are slightly more on the discerning side, though the food is so delicious, that we must admit, we almost forgot we were eating vegetarian…. right up our alley.


Behrenstraße 55
10117, Berlin
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 30 27492940

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