Dandy Diner

Gettin’ piggy wit it

Whoop-whoop! It’s the sound of da police!

Dandy Diner is so damn popular and so many people turned up for the opening that police intervened to disperse them. Mad props to them cuz that’s quite an accomplishment, but it’s no coincidence because vegan restaurants are surprisingly wild and contentious places even in progressive AF places like Berlin. Dandy Diner seems to have successfully created a phat buzz among the city’s trendies because of the fame of its owners, two well-known fashion bloggers.

While hunting out a sexy vegan chill zone, seek out and track down Dandy Diner. This fast food hot spot located in Berlin-Neukölln and serves nutrient-popping sandwiches, beefy-but-not-beefy burgers, in-yo-face salads, no-guilt sweets and fly cakes in a 40-seat, bright and happy Shangri-La.

Their menu is strictly vegan and features gluten-free options too. And the supercool staff is always happy to prepare substitutions for most dietary restrictions. Sign me the funk up!


Karl-Marx-Straße 9
12043, Berlin
Emailadress: [email protected]

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