Honest & uncomplicated

Roco pizzeria, Rococo kebabs, Roca bistro and now Daroco trattoria, the duo Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross can’t seem to stop surprising on the Parisian food scene. This time, the former Jean Paul Gaultier flagship store on Rue de Vivienne has been transformed into a lofty restaurant. Daroco embodies flawless design with exposed brick walls, raw cement columns and lofty ceilings, blue velvet couches, green marble tabletops and basket chairs. As a nod to Jean Paul Gaultier, the staff dote around in ever-fashionable sailor striped t-shirts.

The food is classic, uncomplicated and unpretentious. Here you’ll find typical Italian trattoria, fresh pastas, crispy pizzas and homemade ice cream. Last but not least, ask yourself, would you leave an Italian trattoria without having some coffee? Didn’t think so….. so have a cup of black gold by Coutume Café before you take off to your next destination.


6 Rue de Vivienne
75002, Paris
Telephone: +33 1 42 21 93 71

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