Ding Ding Xiang

Posh Hotpot

Ding Ding Xiang is a refreshing take on the many hole-in-the-wall hotpot joints around town, though a more chic ambiance replaces the typically unadorned interiors. The modern dining area is stylishly decorated with velvet booths, comfortable chairs and beaded curtains. Ding Ding Xiang is usually crowded with local gourmands and expats alike, those looking for a heart-warming, soupy messy meal. For a larger party, the booths are the perfect place to enjoy the hotspot experience, though luckily at Ding Ding Xiang, you won’t even have to share your hotpot!

For those new to hotpotting, a hotpot is a bubbly pot of boiling-hot broth in which you may prepare¬†freshly-diced ingredients of your choice. Order a selection of vegetables, noodles and meat or fish to get the party started. At Ding Ding Xiang, the fresh, gourmet ingredients establish hotpotting at a new level of quality that the more casual spots can’t compete with. The mutton-based Mongolian hotpot is a must.¬†Ding Ding Xiang does not take reservations, and last order is at 12pm.



40 Dongzhong St, Dongcheng Qu
100007, Beijing
Telephone: +86 10 6417 9289

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