Reverse Speakeasy

If you are looking for hip but cozy and Italian cuisine, look no further. Or maybe keep looking because you won’t find Dinnertable all out in the open. This hidden jem is hard to find, so we’re letting you in on a little secret: we will tell you which bell to ring.

Take a walk through the cocktail bar The Garret East (206 Ave. A) and behind the curtain in the back, you will find the doorbell that reads “Press for food”. And here you go, you just entered Dinnertable, one of the coolest new restaurants in NYC.

The restaurant only seats 20 people and it is designed to make you feel it home. Husband-and-wife chef team Scott Tacinelli and Angie Ritofeel happily invite you into their living room with mismatched chairs, a communal table and an electric stove in the open kitchen. The menu includes dishes like smoked short rib tartar, potato and pecorino dumplings, and lasagna for two shaped like a cinnamon bun. And please indulge yourself with a dessert, any dessert.

Just don’t go telling everyone about it, let’s overlook this supposed crime. So let’s keep this place a secret, ok?


206 Avenue A
NY 10009, New York
Emailadress: [email protected]

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