Chic without the fake

Eins44 (or Kantine Neukölln) is a special place that you likely won’t find by accident. The restaurant is housed inside a former distillery in the inner courtyard of a Neukölln backstreet. Since its opening, Eins44 has drawn local hipsters and foodies alike; discerning palates who are looking for an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere to chill at. 10 dishes make the menu, some in traditional German style with French twists, refined but still rough enough around the edges to remind you, hey, this is Berlin.

The interior is the physical embodiment of a no-fuss attitude from which the culinary creativity flows; industrial chic, tiled walls and simple table settings. You can expect a very hip and attractive crowd, a styled yet laid-back atmosphere and simply a great meal to dig into; in the company of a new date, old friends, or even family – because this place doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s genuine. And if you’re lucky enough to happen into it during the summer, be sure to check out their terrace; your personal moment in the sunshine.


Elbestraße 28/29
12045, Berlin
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 30 62981212

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