Follow the spice trail

Foley’s is a concept that really took the time before it had the time to put down real roots. Mitz Vora and Fraser Bashford started with a pop-up tasting kitchen where they got the chance to test out the dishes and meld into the current concept. Mitz and Fraser form quite the dynamic duo; their kitchen prepares dishes that are inspired by the spice trail with flavours from the far east, middle east and sunny mediterranean. The menu is separated in four different sections: Bits&Bobs, Veg, Meat and From The Sea. Our favourite was the ceviche endive tacos with tuna, octopus, cucumber, coconut miso and peanuts.

The place has an alfresco coffee bar and even more exclusive is the bar seating in the basement; a dinner spot perched in the first row of the show that is going on in the kitchen. This industrially-styled restaurant is home to leather seats, brick walls and an imposing marble bar and the proper place to spend a smiles-guaranteed, deliciously unforgettable evening.





23 Foley Street
W1W 6DU, London
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 0203 137 1302

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