Located in the Lower East Side, hidden in an unused alley you will find Freemans Restaurant, one of the most remarkable restaurants of New York.  Inspired by America in the old days and the colonial American taverns, they serve simple, rustic but amazing food. The menu is solid, from a surprisingly good squash salad with goat cheese, to a perfectly cooked filet mignon with roasted onion and mashed potatoes. Fish lovers should definitely try the whole grilled edenbrook trout with thyme, garlic oil and lemon. Take some roasted carrots on the side. And the biggest surprise on the menu? Undoubtedly the hot artichoke dip. We’ve been told that it’s been on the menu since day one, and we definitely understand why…

So basically, Freemans is everything you want for a night out. The space is crowded, yet cozy and you’ll be surprised by all the small rooms that make the place even more remarkable. And can’t make it for dinner? Mark your spot for brunch.


Freeman Alley
NY 10002, New York
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 212-420-0012

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