Jing Yaa Tang

Peking Duck Heaven

Alan Yau is an internationally-recognized restaurateur famous for lending his design expertise to the restaurant for The Opposite House in Beijing. Jing Yaa Tang is his tribute to the regional Chinese cuisine, and what better to focus on but its most treasured contribution, Peking duck and beautiful Dim Sum. This is traditional Chinese done right – no broccoli chicken to be found here!

So about that duck, it’s become a heated discussion in Beijing, where to get the best Peking Duck? The answer meets with debate, and now that Jing Yaa Tang is on the scene, this will surely further complicate the conversation. Their duck skin is very thin and crispy, hiding dark, succulent meat underneath, served with traditional pancakes often overlooked when serving, but well worth the efforts.  The Jing Yaa Tang hoisin sauce completes the dish and make this the best Peking duck we have ever had, without a doubt.




11 Sanlitun Bei Lu
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +86 10 6410 5230

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