Back to the roots!

Bornholm is a Danish island, wild in character while carefully cultivated by it’s inhabitants. The founders of this restaurant, Rasmus, Magnus and Nicolai honour their roots with Bornholm set as the backbone of their cuisine. The food follows the rhythm of the year, season by season, intensively working by the changing supply of nature and attempting to preserve as much as they can.

The signature dish in Kadeau has to be blue mussel and kohlrabi, pickled green strawberry, fava beans and this beet coriander chopped into a salad or a tartare-like composition; with a broth on the mussels, fermented pea juice and homemade wine of green strawberries. Yes that is only one dish, the tasting menu is a complete culinary departure from the ordinary. Rest be assured your taste pallet will be pleasantly challenged.

Kadeau once started as a small bistro on the island, the gentlemen behind this concept have successfully managed to take Bornholm with them; serving their local food in the capital of Denmark. Booking is highly recommended.




Wildersgade 10b
1408, Copenhagen
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +45 33 25 22 23

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