Cuisine against animal cruelty

Ravi DeRossi established¬†Ladybird with a simple vision in mind: to serve excellent dishes¬†without any meat; thereby raising awareness for the treatment of animals and how beautiful life can be without the suffering. Together with Chef Daphne Cheng, on the menu you’ll find creative takes on otherwise non-vegetarian classics such as charcuterie. And not only on the menu will you find proof of this animal-friendly creative spirit; Ladybird donates a percentage of all proceeds to the BEAST Foundation, an organization fighting animal cruelty.

The menu is focused on eclectic tapas dishes with ingredients from all over the world and includes items such as baby beets, truffle fries and our favourite, saffron risotto. We can safely state that this restaurant is a dream come true for vegetarians, but will also convince their meat-loving counterparts.



127 Macdougal St
NY 10012, New York
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 212-475-2246

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