From the Chef’s living room

Behind a large leather-lined door in New York City hides L’Appart, a restaurant designed to resemble a french apartment. The interior is intimate and only holds eight tables that can seat only up to thirty guests. The venue has modern and relaxed atmosphere, the open kitchen allows you to follow the buzz happening under the command of Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Abello. Next to the kitchen stands a glass wall with a great view to the Hudson River.

Le District’s markets host a wide variety of exceptionally fresh ingredients and Abello taps into this beautiful talent pool with a menu that oscillates into new culinary directions every week. Seasonality is central here; only ingredients at their height of their bloom will find their way into this discerning, inspired kitchen.

The duck served with corn prepared four ways is an unexpectedly stunning dish and a shining example of Abello’s creativity that permeates throughout the space. Head Waiter George Thomas will guide you through the multi-course tasting menu, and believe us, you’ll want to leave him charge of the wine pairing for a care-free escape to Paris, if only for a night.


225 Liberty Street
, New York City
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: (212) 981-8588

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