Le Mary Celeste

A Deep Sea Dive

Le Mary Celeste was a mysterious ghost ship found adrift, abandoned but still stocked of its booty, off the coast of the Azores Islands in 1832. So as we are talking about a ghost ship, we can’t know for sure whether the seas are still safe from this ghostly apparition, but we do know its namesake has found a worthy living legend in this Paris culinary feat; a maritime themed cocktail bar, oyster shack and a tapas hotspot perfect for a flirty night out in Paris. No ghosts have been spotted so far.

Le Mary Celeste is run by the young team beloved hailing from Candelaria and Glass; the menu designed by Mads Christensen, Sous-Chef turned Head Chef. We recommend trying and sharing (if you dare!) as many of the tapas as possible; our particular favourite being the veal tartare with anchovy mayonnaise, harissa, pickled red peppers, almond curry and watercress. Fresh oysters are proudly doled out by the piece; so if you’ve got your sea legs, make sure to capture the buttery Japanese Kumamoto.

To make this seafaring tale complete: their cocktail menu is recommended pillaging!



1 Rue Commines
75003, Paris
Telephone: +33 9 80 72 98 83

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