Le Turtle

(S)lower East Side

Come in, sit down and enjoy the show!

Le Turtle is not your ordinary chic French restaurant in the Lower East Side. This hotspot is different and we do not even know where to start. It’s not surprisingly just like a real turtle, at ease in its own shell. And whatever it is that they are doing, it’s a success.

The food is excellent. French ‘new wave health’ food, heavy on veggies, particular standouts being the lobster with almond curd, kohlrabi bisque with lamb belly, and a broccoli rabe dish with fennel labneh, watercress, and pickled cauliflower.

The staff is attentive and doting to your every whim; French-style service without the attitude. The selection is outstanding and the ambience is anything but ordinary. Perfect for a casual, mid-week dinner with your best friend, or the place to start your night out before hitting some clubs. Le Turtle does it all without being pretentious – which, pardon our French – is effing spectacular.



177 Chrystie Street
NY 10002, New York
Telephone: +16469187189

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