Lilla Ego

An unpretentious heaven

When a restaurant is as hyped like Lilla Ego is, one must wonder, how can anyone live up to the expectation of heaven with just food and drinks? In the case of Lilla Ego, they pulled it off. This restaurant has an unusually refreshing, professional and unpretentious vibe perfect for checking in and mentally checking out.

The interior design honours its laid back attitude, a tiny dining room, open kitchen, brick walls and the big white sheets on the walls advertise the evening’s handwritten menu. Lilla Ego is usually fully booked three months ahead, but for those who are feeling lucky, there are 8 bar seats that can’t be reserved and fill up on a walk-in basis.

Oh yeah and the food, the word unpretentious is used to describe the atmosphere and service, that does not cover the food because simply put, is plain brilliant. The chefs, both award winners, distinguish themselves by giving a modern twist to traditional Swedish ingredients. Make sure to try everything you can, and enjoy every minute of the time you get at your table, because you’re clearly one of the lucky ones in life!



västmannag 69
113 26, Stockholm
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 08-27 44 55

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