Charcoal and Wood

It seems like somebody left a hatch open and with it, the floodgates for whole slew of tapas restaurants into London. It gets harder and harder every day to find the ones that actually fit the SpecialBite bill, but we stopped our search once we found Lurra. Situated in the heart of big city life; with roots firmly planted in the Basque country. The owners Melody Adams and Nemanja Borjanovic found inspiration in the traditional charcoal and wood grills of Spain’s heart and soul – and cut, primed and polished it for the discerning city crowd.

The interior is beautifully designed with pale wood, marble and stone. Chef Damian Surowiec is the grill master, serving up creative interpretations on traditional dishes either to share or relish all by yourself, if you’re feeling greedy.



9 Seymour Place
W1H 5BA, London
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 0207 724 4545

Canadian Red