Lux Dag för Dag

Enchanting location

Lux Dag för Dag is located close to nature; on the island of Lilla Essingen it boasts a beautiful view of Lake Mälaren. The interior features some industrial feel yet it provides a convivial, warm atmosphere. On the walls are maps flaunting where in the world your food is sourced; the farm-to-table concept feels like an invitation to tuck in to a truly local meal. The service is prompt, knowledgeable and thoughtful to your every discerning whim.

The cuisine remains untouched; close to nature, the focus is on Scandinavian ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons; guaranteeing plums at their juiciest, venison when the hunt was successful, and fennel as it’s been just harvested. Wine pairings are on point and lend themselves dotingly to the bolder flavours of the plate. Should you get a chance to visit during summer, make sure to ask for a table on the patio; the view will greet you as your glorious, uninvited companion.


Primusgatan 116
, Stockholm
Emailadress: [email protected].se
Telephone: +46-8-619 01 90

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