Maison Pickle


Block your Sunday afternoon and make your way toward the Upper West Side. When you see people waiting in line for brunch you know you are at the right spot: Maison Pickle. This trendy yet classic eatery serves iconic and comforting American favorites at their best. And yes, you definitely want all their dishes on your table. From the pickled vegetables – not to be missed – to the lovely flat bread with egg, ham and gruyere or the salmon rosti. And my oh my, their most famous French toast with chicken, bacon, maple syrup and maple butter is not to be missed. Servings are big, but here it’s a trend to leave with a doggy bag.

No matter what hour you visit Maison Pickle, you will notice how easy it is to decide to order a big brunch with several cocktails. Everything is all about the long lunches and late night revelry, so they say. Maison Pickle is definitely worth the wait and in case you’re looking for an alternative that is just as good: Maison Pickle’s big brother, Jacob’s Pickle, is just a few blocks away.


2315 Broadway
NY 10024, New York
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 212-496-9100

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