While wandering around New York city, passing through Greenwich Village, there’s only one restaurant you simply cannot miss. Nix is the new casual vegetable inspired restaurant from chef John Fraser and James Truman. The restaurant is entirely vegetarian and vegan establishment. The menu of veggie friendly dishes includes shitake mushrooms ‘cacio e pepe’, house-made naan with dips, fry bread with loaded-baked potato garnishes, cauliflower tempura, and clay oven-baked beets.

Everything beautiful about this place is in the details, but you have a keen eye to see that lamp bases are the twisted roots of old junipers by example. The wine list is extraordinary and prices are good. This downtown restaurant with the beautiful modern white interior and green elements is popular among the growing amount of flexitarian New Yorkers. And we see why.


72 University Place
NY 10003, New York
Telephone: +1 212-498-9393

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