Iron chef

Osha is a Thai restaurant hailing from San Francisco, it opened in Bangkok under executive chef Noom Thaninthorn Chantrawan. Noom appeared regularly on Iron Chef and has trained in various Michelin-starred restaurants over the course of his 18-year career. Osha is a traditional Thai restaurant, but unlike any other you’ve seen before. The interior is opulent, modern and decorated with Thai gilt artefacts having been given a 21st century makeover. Over the top? Yes a little bit, but ignore that and enjoy the great Thai food¬†emanating from the kitchen directly into your heart and soul.

Not only the decor got a makeover, the traditional Thai cuisine has also been given a modern twist. Molecular gastronomy is turning the cuisine¬†on it head and this makes for creative and unusual dishes that you won’t find on the streets. Take the Volcanic beef for example, this dish is made with wagyu and is an innovative take on the classic pad krapow. Osha can be a bit showy, but with the magic they perform in the kitchen we have to say, it’s permitted and delightful!



99 Witthayu Road
10330, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 256 6555

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