A lean, mean western grill

If you are familiar with the Hong Kong food scene you will know the name Nate Green, he is the famous former chef of the successful 22 ships. Nate has recently partnered up with Yenn Wong, the terrifically successful woman behind Cachawan, Aberdeen Street Social, Mak Mak and more. Together they started Rhoda, a relaxed and down to earth restaurant that works magic with meat and seafood on the charcoal grill. The design is industrial with high ceilings and exposed concrete, they unconventionally repurpose elements such as washing machine drums for lighting fixtures to give the place a reworked, cool vibe.

Rhoda is named after Nate’s grandmother who has always been his inspiration in the kitchen, he prepares comfort food in western style. He has access to the best ingredients Asia has to offer and he capitalizes by changing the menu up on a daily basis. When you arrive try to get one of the bar seats at the open kitchen, seeing Nate work his magic at the grill might be the most entertaining you see all day!


345 Des Voeux Rd West
, Hong Kong
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 852 2177 5050

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