Dutch courage

The story of Savelberg is without any doubt heroic. The chef, Henk Savelberg, decided to leave his four (!) Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands behind and picked Bangkok as his new battlefield. At his restaurant he established a menu that hits a stunning midpoint between classic French and nouvelle cuisine. You can hold great expectations for his greatest signature dish of all time: lobster salad, jazzed up with foie gras cream and spiced quinoa. But in order to gain the full Savelberg experience, try one of the tasting menu options, which you can pair with the restaurant’s extensive wine list.

What can we say. The place looks amazing, with great design and perfect for a special occasion.“Asia is booming and I was keen to run a modern, playful and exciting eatery. It is great fun to start something new”, notes Savelberg. He has proven his success and we hope he will continue to conquer Thailand, and to follow, the rest of Asia!


110 Wireless Road
10330, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 252 8001

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