Som Saa

Not your neighbourhood Thai

London is known for the abundance of international restaurants and that’s precisely why it came as somewhat of a surprise when we heard that the best known Thai restaurant can be found at a chain, albeit a modest one. Som Saa has become a well established player in the London food game, and that has been since before the opening of its new location. The restaurant first became a hit as a pop-up in Peckham, though their business grew so rapidly that expending became a must, and through a massively supported crowd funding they financed their new permanent location in the east of London.

Som Saa isn’t anything like your neighbourhood Thai, rather, your favorites have been replaced by regional specialties. The coconut and pandanus-smoked trout is something you won’t see everyday, nor is the som tam, papaya salad, done in ways that haven’t been overdone before. Getting a table at Som Saa might be a little tricky so do prepare for the possibility of a waiting time, queuing up like the Londoners do, and booking is possible with a party of four or more.




43a Commercial Street
E1 6BD, London
Telephone: 44.20 7324 7790

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