Steve Cafe & Cuisine

Down by the River(side)

Meet our new best friend Steve.

Steve Cafe & Cuisine is a hidden restaurant in Bangkok, but so far from busy streets, that you won’t find Steve by accident. And what does Steve do right? Basically everything: a great shoreline location, parades of old-fashioned wooden boats passing by, maybe even some fish glimpses. The views are only to be outdone by the authentic, and frankly unspeakably delicious, Thai menu.

How to find Steve? Take a boat and get off at Thewet. Walk to Krung Kasem and after 500 meters you’ll find a small bridge. After crossing the river walk through the houses, close to the canal and at the end, you will find Steve waiting for you. The delightful food and ambience alone make this trip worthwhile, but we recommend you to call Steve for a dinner invitation. He can be quit busy you know…


68 Sri Ayudhaya Road
10300, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 281 0915

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