Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx

Focus your senses

Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx has a very unique interior design. Parick Jouin gave the place a very simple yet incredibly futuristic feel, the decor is completely white with canvas covering the walls. It is all part off the philosophy that Thierry Marx used to create this restaurant where the food experience is about senses, not to be confused with additional stimuli. In this case that means the entire focus should be on the food and wine being served: no distractions allowed.

The cuisine can be defined as fine French; Marx creates a fusion of tradition and innovation and translates that into a set tasting menu of 6 or 9 courses. Allow your sight, sound and taste senses to be indulged and potentially overwhelmed. Worth mentioning is the young sommelier; he’ll match the perfect wine for you based on what’s right for the dish, and most importantly, what will surprise and delight you. Reservations are a must for Sur Mesure because it is always packed!



251 rue Saint-Honoré
75001, Paris
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +33 1 70 98 73 00

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