Modern delights of urban cuisine

In the West End of London you will find Texture, where owner Agnar Sverrisson delicately unites together upscale dining with fewer pretenses; in a way that will delight even those spoiled for choice on the bounteous culinary scene. the smart interior is nothing less than brilliant in all the ways it needs to be, and not in the ways it doesn’t – superfluous decoration or glitter isn’t at home at Texture. Reservations are recommended in the main space or private dining area for those harbouring a larger appetite, otherwise, you’re cordially welcomed to linger at the bar should there be thirst to quench.

Despite the smart and gentle design of the place, Texture’s flavour experiments are met with modern techniques, Scandinavian influences and Nordic herbs. A great example is the smoked tuna loin held under a porcelain dome, and upon raising the dome, a cloud of smoke escapes, immediately triggering your senses. Beyond dinner, Texture is also a great place to lunch, the prices are fair and the dining experience is curated beautifully by attentive, caring staff.


34 Portman Street
W1H 7BY, London
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7224 0028

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