The Clown Bar

Visual nightmare?

Don’t think clowns and alcohol make a good pair? The Clown bar will change your mind about this nightmare combination. A fear of red noses will be easy to overcome in here. There’s nothing scary about this place.

The Clown Bar, an official historic monument, has been around since 1902, but the clowns on the tiles didn’t arrive until the 1920s, and the international cuisine took another century or so. The interior serves a real vintage touch, it is colourful and gives you all the happy feelings.

The cuisine is creative and tasty with a use of quality ingredients, dictated by what’s in season and available the same day. The use of interesting combinations and flavours make this place extra special. The kitchen is led by the  Japanese chef Atsumi Sota which explains the Asian touches on the menu while grounded on French cuisine.


114 Rue Amelot
75011, Paris
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: 01 43 55 87 35

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