Creative New Nordic Food

The story behind this small bistro does not start with culinary revelations. As the tale goes, once upon a time in 2010, three gentleman opened a furniture manufacturing store under the name Woodstockholm. Inventive and creative as they were, they started exploring new ways of showcasing their products to the customers, which led to the opening of a small bistro in early 2015.

The menu is ever changing and seasonal, we recommend taking the four-course set menu, including three starters and a main course. Pair the food with some of the amazing wines they have on hand, and you’re surely in for a memorable, cozy night.

As you might expect from furniture producers, the interior is beautifully designed. They believe that taste is perceived by all the senses meaning that the tables, chairs, lamps and decoration are all meant to please in harmony.


Mosebacke torg 9
, Stockholm
Emailadress: [email protected]
Telephone: +46 (0)8 369 399

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