Special Bars

#1 Bar Basquiat
creative cocktails The not-so-very-well known artist Jean-Michel Basquiat from New York was the big inspiration for this bar located on the eastside of Amsterdam. Here you can find an eclectic mix of drinks and foods, just like the works of mister Basquiat himself. And although there are definitely more good bars on the Javastreet, this […]
#2 Calle Ocho
Inspired by Little Havana in Miami, this bar in the Pijp serves mostly rum and tequila based cocktails that make you feel as if you were in the Caribbean.
#3 Café Panache
The proximity of this market ensures fresh food every day. The colourful interior is an attraction in itself.
#4 Elephanta
Home party This bar in the beautiful Gracia neighbourhood is specialised in G&T’s, but they also serve very nice cocktails. The staff is very friendly and will make you feel as if you are visiting a friend’s party. The only difference: at this party the drinks are much better!
#5 Dry Martini
one choice If you want to experience something special, then this is the place for you. Although the name suggests they only serve one kind of cocktail, they actually serve a wide array. We are not sure if they are overstating, but they say they have made more than a million dry martini’s since they […]
Canadian Red