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Kanarie Club

Meeting, working, relaxing, drinking and dancing all under the same roof? The new Kanarie Club is the new nest in Amsterdam West, where urban professionals come to flock. In their world, there's no distinction between private and work lives anymore, the lines are blurred.


Ben Mark, 24, and Matt Emmerson, 25, have been teasing the whole of London with their successive string of restaurant pop-ups: Platform 1 in Dulwich and Palm 2 in Clapton. Now they have set up with brick and mortar, Perilla in Newington Green, as a permanent venue.

Le Garcon Saigon

Boa La moved to Hong Kong as a chef with a lot of ambition, he first found mentorship at restaurant Ho Lee Fook under Chef Jowett Yu. As the Sous-Chef he played part in making Ho Lee Fook one of the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong, nevertheless he soon felt it was time to spread his wings and take flight on his own venture.

Bombay Sapphire
Canadian Blue
Best Hotel Bar